Posted by Mr Amen | 4:40 PM

Hi!, today i've just got email from TLA about and i wan't to share it with you guys:).

Hello, we are excited to announce our newest publisher offering

inLinks allows you to sell simple text link ads within the content of your website without the annoying pop ups that other competing programs have! We also have launched the most aggressive affiliate program in the blogosphere! Paying out up to 15% of all referred publisher revenue for a full two years! You can promote inLinks via banners or simple links.

There are many benefits that make inLinks a great fit for your site:
  • Ads that are easy on the eyes. Sell in content ads without the annoying pop up!
  • Predictable revenue. Get paid a flat rate per month per ad sold.
  • Full editorial control. Approve or deny ads as they are sold or allow us to control.
  • Blog friendly. Install our simple plugin and we take care of the rest.
  • Just sit back and collect your monthly earnings. Plugins available for: Wordpress, MoveableType and Drupal.
Sign up to start making more money with your website now!

Thanks, TLA

So, what do you think?? Interested??

  1. byme 11/12/08 1:23 PM  

    interest bos mau coba
    byme salam kenal
    tengok juga

  2. Phoenix 11/12/08 2:56 PM  

    @byme: salam kenal juga:).