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Do you have web pages with PR 1+ and would like to sell text links on them? BackLinks.Com is the answer. With BackLinks.Com, you can sell text links on your web pages without bothering about finding advertisers. BackLinks.Com will find the buyers for you, manage the link inventory, and process the payments. As the compensation, you will only receive 50% of the revenue generated by the text links on your web pages every month.

This service allow you to generate revenue from your web pages with no additional effort. Just insert their ad code on your web sites, and you are done!. It also have the ability to filter the types of text link which appear on your web pages by approving the categories you want, and you will able to customize the look and feel of the text links such as font size, color, etc.

The BackLinks.Com affiliate program allows you to earn money by refering publishers and advertisers to BackLinks.Com. You will be paid $100 for each advertiser that you refer who buys at least $50/month and $25 for each publisher that sell at least $5.

  1. Heryan Tony 27/12/08 6:11 PM  

    Ow, jadi gitu syaratnya baru bisa gabung di
    thx, infonya

  2. Phoenix 27/12/08 9:55 PM  

    Same Same :)..