High Traffic Doesn't Mean...

Posted by Mr Amen | 6:44 PM

This is amazing!

The day before, i wrote a post about Sarah Azhari and Rama Ashari naked celebrity pictures when they take a shower. And the result is so incredible. More than 200 visitor's visiting my Blog in one day and keep counting!. Even my Sitemeter counter stop counting at 215! (Well,.. I use the free version so it must be reach the limit i guess :)).

To tell the truth, this is the first time since i'm begin to Blogging and getting this much of traffic, and i'm very happy. But the sad is, this traffic doesn't make any change with my Adsense Earning :(.

Hmm, i think i have to find another way to drive traffic to my Blog and increase my Adsense Earning as well. I know i have to create more quality contents. But what kind of content is that? The content that searched by a lot of people's and also still has a little competitors.

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