Keywords is one of the most significant factor that can help us to improve our search engine rankings at the top of the search engine lists beside a high quality content and link building. This search engine optimization (SEO) technique are really useful especially if you are using search engine to drive traffic to your sites and make sales from the visitors, this is also called "Search Engine Marketing". There's a lot of "Search Engine Optimization Companies" or "SEO Expert" that offer services to improve our search engine rankings to the top of the list, and i can bet that it would be so expensive. As a beginner, i would like to suggesting you to try the cheapest (or maybe FREE!) way to increase web site traffic from search engine especially from Google search engine. And these are some simple tips that you can try for your site:

Before you start writing, do some research about the keywords that you gonna use for the articles. You can do this by using Free Keywords Wordtracker. Simply by typing the word or phrase you want to know (for this post, i type "Search Engine"), press the "Hit Me" button, and you will see 100 related keywords and their estimate daily search volume. And then you can chose the right keywords for your article (for this post, i choose; Search Engine Ranking, Improve Search Engine Rankings, Search Engine Optimization Companies, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine List). After that, create your content and put the keywords on it.

But remember one thing, there is no guarantee that your site will be placed on the first position if there's lot of sites using the the same keywords except if your site rank well before. So using not popular keyword is good too (especially if your site is new :) ). You can know how many competitors by using Google search engine:

Can you see the difference?

On this case, it's better to use "Improve Search Engine Rankings" as the keywords. If Possible, use it as a title too.

:'( my Blog not on the list!.. Well i guess i have to wait until i've got a PageRank..