Do you have a plan? Most companies spend a number of hours, an energy and a considerable money planning what to do and how.

Let's say you need a website, and you develop a plan, presented to a group of Web designers, and get quotes or proposals. You are about not have to go get caught with your pants down like last time by a connoisseur nerdy, you know the child with little scraggly beard, whose techno-rumor gave you an evil headache, or the odd young woman dressed in gothic chic with black lipstick and tattoos to match - yikes, no thanks, not this time, this time you got a plan.

Optimization of human motivation

You already read all the blogs on the website design, you know every nook and cranny of search engine optimization and Google Adwords. Nobody will draw on you quick. You know your business, your market, and your needs. Or do you?

How do you really know how real people act on each other with your Web site? How do you know really what we call optimization of human motivation? All the stats, scores, analysis and calculations that form the basis of many development programs website does not really give you the arrangement of the visceral way to connect to assistance and isn’t that you want your website to do?

So maybe your plan is the wrong plan, it 's like plan a trip to Home Depot to buy a cabbage, it just doesn't seem reasonable. So what about a plan that seems reasonable, something simple, understandable, easy to implement, that is if you hire the people concerned to make it. But before we tell you the four steps to create your very own plan of marking hot website, let's talk of Don LaFontaine.

Every company needs a footnote film

Chances are you don’t know who Don LaFontaine was deceased, but you have its voice heard many, many times. Don was the voice the most famous and most influential behind thousands of film and footers television. He had a distinctive deep, gravely voice, and a model of writing that has reinvented the whole format footnotes movie. But why should you worry? . The bottom of the movie are launching final lift, a short memorable performance that requires you to action, much like what the mission report is suppose to do, but I 'm getting ahead of me. Top left's at the beginning, or rather the end.

Debut hot stamping with backward thinking

Most people like to launch a project at the beginning and work their way through until they reach the end. Seems reasonable, or is it? If you don’t start with where you want the tip-up, it ' s unlikely you never get where you want to go. Remember our cabbage? Procurement planning to go off to Home Depot because they have obtained the substance fresh, doesn 't help if what you want is a cabbage.

The hot stamping is no different. If you don’t start with how you want your audience to believe you, they probably never think of you at all. So now that we have obtained directly let 's the beginning of our plan when it seems reasonable end.

The plan for Web-Marking hot 4 steps

1 - The slogan

Your slogan, you know the thing that sits under your logo, that little phrase simply someone in your office has been raised with that makes you sound important as substance fresh air conditioning company. Most of the small and medium-sized bring think too hard on this little gem sales, and consequently they have something really cheese, or some meaningless platitude that has no meaning at all memorable as best people for the better job.

Just because you are small and don’t have millions to spend on television ads promoting your little motto, doesn't means you shouldn't have one. That catchphrase is who you are, and how you want people you remember, short, memorable, and point. I remember my son talk about a little complicated cases when one of them in the destruction finally said, enough already. Give it to me in a word or less! Request to articulate what was important without all the peripheral issues, and a lesson all companies should pay attention to.

2 - The argument (Logline)

In my opinion, the mission reports are a totally dysfunctional sales, abused and mistreated by a bean-counter, backed out of the test to shake each last drop of information in a report that won't offended anyone. A wise man once said if what you are say about the doesn't offending someone, maybe you are about not say something and most reports Mission who are full of meaningless platitudes and amendments mitigated, classify not say something at least something worth hearing.

The ok and let’s forget the mission reports, after all this isn't the military, and we are about not predict the next Desert Storm. Rather let's thinking loglines, or whatever you can think of as a mark of your argument.

You know those reports that you are short of TV Guide, or insert your television weekend, prompting you to observe next episode of "House" or "the Desperate Bimbos". They are a text version of short form of a footnote, for you to see the movie or television program. For our purposes, we want people to go to our Web site, and stay-tuned long enough to receive our message of selling core, and not to walk out to mid-end of the presentation. So how are we doing this?

The six elements of effective footers Web

So that we can to offer a compelling report that encourages people to look at our present site, we must return to our old pal Don LaFontaine. What if Don LaFontaine wrote down our website page. How would it work?

Don had a very distinctive model that you've heard a thousand times per thousand films, but they all followed a similar format. The bottom of each page should cover six different elements, which, what, where, how, why and when. All companies should have things in their launch of a lift, but with an additional ingredient, personality.

Here's the format used in many of the bottom of the film: In a place (where), a man (who) brings stability to chaos (that) in an epic tale that will inspire and amaze (why)! Coming soon (when) to a theater near you. Familiar noise?

Let 's take the example of air conditioning, you remember, fresh air conditioning company. Let 's say our dummy company called cool Kool Air Conditioning their website page could have anything like this:

"In a town where summer heat melts the cool of the coolest homeowners, one air conditioning company comes to the rescue. When the mercury rises to eye-popping, mind numbing numbers, the men from Kool spring into action, bringing relief to the sweltering masses. The Kool Guys will amaze you with their prompt service and installation know-how. The heat is on. It's coming sooner than you think; it's coming this summer to your town, your neighborhood; your house. Kool, the cool air conditioning company.

Over - the top? Perhaps, but we have covered all the bases, we know that (Kool), which (air conditioning), when (this summer), where (your house), why (the heat) and how (prompt service and installation know-how). Now that's a mission statement, one with a bit of style, panache and personality, one that will get you back and encourage your audience to action.

3 - Personality

Films like all businesses fall into certain types or categories. Here's the format of action film that's suitable for sports enterprises reported that model chick flick of it's ideal for cosmetic companies or fashion industry, and format of comedy suitable for family firms relay entertainment and recreation, and of course the film version of children perfect for any business selling things for children. The point is that each company and Web site must have a personality.

Many business executives hardnosed scoff at the idea of spending money on such concepts seemingly insignificant sales that company's personality, but ignore your Person website, is a big mistake. You can invest in developing, creating, controlling, and promoting the personality or you can let the market decide for itself, or worse, do you completely superfluous and irrelevant.

4 - Delivery

You may wonder, does this looks good on paper, but can it really be done, and can be done for my business on my website? The answer is damn right it can. Like most things in life and in business, it's not grasp the concept that so hard, it's implementing.

With a small investment and a willingness to take some risks, you can be the market leader. But if you thought you could just take your recent launch of elevator website model footer of film and slap on your website in the form of texts, you would be mistaken. How you provide the message is important, and in many cases more important than what you say.

If you sell lipstick, licorice, or lingerie, you probably have a lot of competition, and how you deliver your message is what's going to make a difference.

You want your website presentation motivates people to call or send. You need to provide an irresistible performance which is more than a sales pitch, which employs a voice, video, words and music to create a personal Web site, a lasting impression, one that will allow you to keep Apart from the crowd and give you a competitive advantage.

Nothing will convince better than seeing a real example, and guess what, we just happen to be able to provide you with one: check and see what looks like an effective website. If nothing else, you can get a laugh or two stifled.

About the Author: Jerry Bader is Senior Partner at MRPwebmedia, a web design company that specializes in Web-audio and Web-video. Visit, and contact or phone (905) 764-1246.

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