Affiliate program is the "easiest way" to generate income from your site. Well,.. at least that's what they said. For me, easy or not it's depending on how we promote the products and how many visitors do you have on your site (traffic). There are a few things that you should do before choosing an affiliate programs.

Take a little time to analyze your site and try to figure what kind of information that your visitors usually searching for. Then see how they interact with your site. What page did they visit most? Where they coming from? If they coming from search engine, What Keywords they use to get to your site. This step will make sure that you won't choose a wrong products for your visitors. Because if it does, then there would be not much sales. If you don't have a site, click here.

After you know what kind of products for your site, start looking for the appropriate programs for your needs. There's tons of affiliate marketing programs on internet including scam programs. So, becarefull :). You can ask your friend about the programs that you interested or Googling to find the information and don't forget to read their FAQs or Term of Service before you decided to signup.

Use text link rather than banner. Most of visitors are used to see banners everywhere on internet and that would be make them ignore yours. "Yes i know it's look pretty" But it's not effective. So why i still using it on my Blog? "Well, to make my Blog look pretty, Ha Ha Ha!" Make the affiliate link blend within your contents. Create an article for your reader about the products you offering and put your affiliate link on it.

Choose the programs that offer payout from $10 - $50, so you don't have to wait to long to reach the minimum payout. Also see how they pay for your hardwork, but usually they using PayPal or Check for their payment processor.

  1. funny humor 23/11/08 9:27 PM  

    great affiliate info u write here.thx for sharing!!

  2. Phoenix 23/11/08 10:58 PM  

    @funny humor:
    Your welcome..

  3. indra putu achyar 24/11/08 5:26 PM  

    kunjungan di sore hari....sambil tersenyum......perkenalan....

  4. badot 4/12/08 8:35 AM  

    $10 is not easy my bro, hiks hiks

    thanks for share

    (ane masih nol besar kalo urusan english, heu heu)

  5. Phoenix 4/12/08 11:39 AM  

    Hehe cari duit emang ga gampang bro (sama nih, kita juga lagi belajar inggris)