LinkShare is a corporation that provide ecommerce business with a wide range of online marketing service like Search Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Lead Generation. LinkShare was founded in 1996 and headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Tampa, London, and Tokyo.

As an advertiser, you will be offered expert management of your search Marketing investment, comprehensive campaign management for lead generation, and a wide range of solutions for establishing and growing your business.

As a publisher, you can display ads, text links, or product links from advertiser on your site in return for a commission when a sale is made, when a lead is acquired, or a specific action such as filling out form or downloading a trial.

If you have some problem, don't worry. LinkShare provide Publisher Help Center so you can find help and information on a variety of tools, promotions, products, and services available for you inside the Publisher Dashboard at the navigation bar on the far right side.