Founded in 1998 and based in Santa Barbara - California, Commission Junction (CJ) is a performance based affiliate marketing programs that offering a full suite of value added services to customize its affiliate marketing solutions and dedicated support for top performing publisher.

As an publisher, you can maximize your earnings by developing sustainable relationship with top-tier advertiser and get paid for every sale and lead that you generate. You can display an advertiser's ads, text links, or product links on your web site, in email campaign, or in search listing. With CJ Marketplace, they provides publisher's with opportunities to partner with leading advertiser's while having access to millions of links and offer. They also provides transparency by publishing the performance metrics of all advertiser, their respective ads as well as publisher within the CJ Marketplace.

To enchance communication between CJ and its publisher clients in order to build mutually beneficial solution, use Publisher Advisory Board. It will provide member feedback and proactive communication between its member and CJ, also it will allow publisher to gain insight into the strategic direction of CJ.

Please note, when you want to join with CJ Marketplace you must regularly generate activity with the network within six month in order to maintain your account. Once you become their affiliate, you can join with an advertiser's program and place ads on your site then monitor your transactions in your account manager. There's some type of commission structures based on an action that available for publisher which is a sale on advertiser's site, a lead, or any other objective that they want publisher to accomplish.